Just have a few steps to follow to make these work for you Alitech says..

  1. First go to Online Zip converter. (GIVEN BELOW)
  2. Now Browse your password protected RAR/ZIP file.
  3. Now click on convert file.
  4. Now it will first upload this file to its server and then convert into zip format and remove its password.
  5. Now you can download this zip file without password.

Web Online Zip Converter - Download here

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Hammer VPN set-up On Glo for free browsing

Hammer VPN set-up On Glo for free browsing

1⃣. Open your HAMMER VPN APK (click the name to download if you don't have the app)

2⃣. _Input this settings:_

   ➡️ Username: Leave it the way it is

   ➡️ Password: Leave it the way it is

   ➡️ Rport: 8080

   ➡️ Lport: 9200

   ➡️ Protocol: UDP

3⃣. Connect and enjoy the sweet speed!!!

4⃣. If your GLO data doesn't come up just have credit and it should come up!!

If you have any issue with the setup kindly use the comments box to update us on your issue ,we promise to bring solution to it..

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How to Find your Device when misplaced or stolen with the help of An App

How to Find your Device when misplaced or stolen with the help of An App

Hello our humble followers here is another great News for you on technology aspect. 
This application gives you extra security thanks to the fact that you can always be aware of where your device is, and if you can't get it back, then you can restore it remotely to factory settings so that no one will have access to your private information.

Another useful feature included in Android Device Manager will make your phone ring nonstop, which could be really helpful if you misplace your smartphone around your home or office.

Google's Android Device Manager service is one of the most useful tools for finding your device in case of loss or theft. While it was definitely efficient, its interface seemed very elaborate given the small number of tasks it actually carried out. They've finally done something about this problem and have just released a revamped version of the service that has even gotten a change of name: now the app is called Find My Device. 

Download find my device app here 

How to find the stolen device 
All you have to do is to just download find my device app and input email address attached to the device in the app that all, then find your device with the option provided on the app enjoy using the app. 

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hello fellows some day back we make a post on free browsing tips on aspect of hammer VPN which is limited, today we will be leading you to the ways on how to make it unlimited for your access. 
Simple trick on how to bypass. (Working for Us 100%) Even though its telling you Daily limit reached and bla bla bla or you are seeing a lesser figure on your es explorer when about to change your date. just ignore and follow this simple stepsπŸ’

STEP 1⃣:

Go to your developer option under phone settings and on it(If you are not a developer yet, go to About phone, locate Build number, tap your build number several times until it shows you are now a developer)


Still under developer options, scroll down and switch on "Don't keep activities"


Now go to your file manager, open it, go to Android, open it, you will see hammer folder, open it and click and delete the file inside the folder, please don't delete the folder ...... minimize


go to file explorer, (Make sure you switch on "Show hidden files" Locate your phone storage and locate Android, locate your hidden files then click on the play store file, edit the date to 25 and kindly save, Minimize


now open your hammer VPN, if no server is displaying, close it and open it back. then click on server 5 or 6. then make sure it's showing Authenticating. Quickly minimize your hammer and be watching it to connect via your drop down screen. if you see its Authenticating for a long time and not connecting, go back to the hammer and change to another server (be interchanging 5 and 6 for those that doesn't know how to connect to Germany). Minimize again and be watching the Authenticating to connect.

Note:minimize, its very important

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How to activate Mtn 100% Data bonus offer

How to activate Mtn 100% Data bonus offer. 

MTN Nigeria has just introduced another offer which is know as MTN Differentiated Kpalasa Offer. 

This is a new offer from MTN that offers 50% to 100% data bonus to users with new 3G/4G smartphones on all data they purchase in the next 3 - 6 months depending on the type of phone you purchase.

This offer is available to all 3G/4G Phones; Provided that:

1. MTN sim hasn't been used on the device before.
2. USIM and 3G sim that hasn't enjoyed the offer for the past 12months.

Kindly note that only 3G/4G devices that have Special Partnership with MTN will be able to enjoy the offer for 6months.

How to Qualify for the MTN Kpalasa Offer

√ Simply insert your registered MTN sim into your 3G/4G phone.

√ Then, wait for a confirmation SMS from MTN confirming you've received the data offer.

√ Dial *131*1# and purchase any data of your choice and enjoy your 100% data bonus.
* Check your data balance by dialing *131*4# or SMS 2 to 131.

NOTE: if your phone is a dual sim, you can still enjoy the offer on the phone if both ports are 3G or 4G enabled, aside from that it would work for just one sim [Not available for 2G].

Hope it works for you, but before you proceed kindly check out the FAQS ABOUT MTN DIFFERENTIATED KPALASA OFFER

Q1 . What kind of phone kind i get the offer for 6months?
Ans : Only those 3G/4G smartphones that have special partnership with MTN can enjoy the offer for 6month.

Q2 . What devices are classified as new on MTN network.
Ans : 3G/4G devices that has never been used on the mtn network.

Q3. How long can i keep enjoying the Differentiated Kpalasa Bonus on my device?
Ans : you will enjoy the offer in the below category.

4G Devices: (Standard Offer)
4G Devices: (Special Partnerships)
3G Devices: (Standard Offer)
3G Devices: (Special Partnerships)

Q4 . Will i be able to enjoy Kpalasa Phone (20%) offer and Differentiated Kpalasa Offer?
Ans : NO, you will only be able to enjoy the Differentiated Kpalasa Offer.

Q5 . I have a smartphone used on another sim, can i still enjoy the offer?
Ans: All smartphones that have not been used on the MTN network will enjoy the offer.

Simply insert a registered MTN Sim into the device.

Enjoy your 100% Data bundle on your Mtn line 

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10 Top Ways which Can Help Hackers To Hack An Facebook Accounts

10 Top Ways which Can Help Hackers To Hack An Facebook Accounts

πŸ”—Note :- This post is only for security purpose don't try any illegal activity and i just shared these methods because protect our Facebook account from these types of hacking attacks.

❌ #1 Hack Facebook Account Password By Phishing

Phishing is still the most popular attack vector used for hacking Facebook accounts. There are variety methods to carry out phishing attack. In a simple phishing attacks a hacker creates a fake log in page which exactly looks like the real Facebook page and then asks the victim to log in. Once the victim log in through the fake page the, the victims "Email Address" and "Password" is stored in to a text file, and the hacker then downloads the text file and gets his hands on the victims credentials.

❌ #2 Hack Facebook Account Password By Keylogging

Keylogging is the easiest way to hack a Facebook password. Keylogging sometimes can be so dangerous that even a person with good knowledge of computers can fall for it. A Keylogger is basically a small program which, once is installed on victim's computer, will record every thing victim types on his/her computer. The logs are then send back to the attacker by either FTP or directly to hackers email address.

❌ #3 Stealer's

Almost 80% percent people use stored passwords in their browser to access the Facebook. This is quite convenient, but can sometimes be extremely dangerous. Stealer's are software's specially designed to capture the saved passwords stored in the victims Internet browser.

❌ #4 Hack Facebook Account Password By Session Hijacking

Session Hijacking can be often very dangerous if you are accessing Facebook on a http (non secure) connection. In Session Hijacking attack, a hacker steals the victims browser cookie which is used to authenticate the user on a website, and use it to access the victims account. Session hijacking is widely used on LAN, and WiFi connections.

❌ #5 Sidejacking With Firesheep

Sidejacking attack went common in late 2010, however it's still popular now a days. Firesheep is widely used to carry out sidejacking attacks. Firesheep only works when the attacker and victim is on the same WiFi network. A sidejacking attack is basically another name for http session hijacking, but it's more targeted towards WiFi users.

❌ #6 Mobile Phone Hacking

Millions of Facebook users access Facebook through their mobile phones. In case the hacker can gain access to the victims mobile phone then he can probably gain access to his/her Facebook account. Their are a lots of Mobile Spying software's used to monitor a Cellphone. The most popular Mobile Phone Spying software's are: Mobile Spy, and Spy Phone Gold.

❌ #7 DNS Spoofing

If both the victim and attacker are on the same network, an attacker can use a DNS spoofing attack and change the original Facebook page to his own fake page and hence can get access to victims Facebook account.

❌ #8 USB Hacking

If an attacker has physical access to your computer, he could just insert a USB programmed with a function to automatically extract saved passwords in the Internet browser.

❌ #9 Man In the Middle Attacks

If the victim and attacker are on the same LAN and on a switch based network, a hacker can place himself between the client and the server, or he could act as a default gateway and hence capturing all the traffic in between.

❌ #10 Botnets

Botnets are not commonly used for hacking Facebook accounts, because of it's high setup costs. They are used to carry more advanced attacks. A Botnet is basically a collection of compromised computer. The infection process is same as the key logging, however a Botnet gives you additional options for carrying out attacks with the compromised computer. Some of the most popular Botnets include Spyeye and Zeus.

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New Free MTN Free Browsing Cheat Set-up Using Hammer VPN

New Free MTN Free Browsing Cheat Set-up Using Hammer VPN

Hello guys.I hope We're still enjoying the daily free browsing cheat which is capped at 50mb. Without much talking, let's introduce you to the new MTN 100mb - 400mb (It depend on your sim). You don't any config file in order to activate it. All you need is Hammer VPN for Android smartphone πŸ“±.

Each Hammer's VPN free server is capped at 100mb/day. You can switch to another VPN if you exhausts the one you're using. Better than 50mb daily, right?πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ˜

➡️ MTN SIM With No Data (either 3G or 4G sim)
➡️ Default APN Settings
➡️ Hammer VPN  download Here


Username ➡️ Teekporter
Password ➡️ leave it as it is or input yours
Server ➡️ You can select anyone
Rport ➡️ 8080
Lport ➡️ 9201
Select UDP


Hope it work for you

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