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Wednesday, July 3, 2019

WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram is currently Down

WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram is currently Down 

Good day fellow we've just discover and confirm of recent that  WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram is down which we've not discovered such reasons why these technical issues comes around to July 03 2019.

It's has been confirmed that user worldwide was unable to perfer some commands on listed social media (command like downloading of image, uploading, and likewise sending and received) which Facebook fail to display some of the image unless most likely viewed images. 

Users across the United Kingdom, Europe and parts of Africa are taking to Twitter to complain about not being able to load, send or receive content via WhatsApp. Neither via the app, nor on the website version.

Text messages appear to work at times but voice notes, videos and photos do not go through. Instead, users get a ‘download failed’ message with a prompt to try again

Interestingly, the preview image does appear, but the image cannot be opened. And the preview appears fuzzy.

Facebook acknowledged the problem
The issue was first noted when several hundred users logged complaints on the outage tracker Down Detector late Wednesday afternoon. Facebook confirmed toThe Sun that they are attending to the issue:

Which Facebook customers service send some users recovery message regarding the issue. 

Unfortunately, Facebook hasn’t revealed the exact cause of the outage. However, 82% of those who reported problems with Instagram said the issue was with the News Feed, 11% with the website, and 6% with log-in

A quick search on Is It Down Right Nowshowed that there is a “possible Service Disruption


Facebook owns both WhatsApp and Instagram, in case you were wondering how it’s all connected. An issue that affects one Facebook service will have an impact on its other services as well.

Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram also experienced one of its longest outages in March, when users had trouble accessing the sites for up to two days.

One month later, Facebook and Instagram experienced a similar issue and failed to load. Messages couldn’t be sent or received on WhatsApp either.

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