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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

What you should know Or different between Deepweb and Darkweb.

What you should know Or different between Deepweb and Darkweb

What you should know Or different between Deepweb and Darkweb.

Strictly you might be hearing all over or mostly hearing about deepweb or darkweb don't miss lead stuff these are two different words that are also categorized in different species we make that clarified to you soon. 
The Web are place's which one visit by having access through it view the URL or link, might gain authorized to it by searching on Google or by getting the URL from the administrators. 
They are Categorized into three which we will all talk about then in these post They includes :
1.surface web
2.deep web
3.dack web 

We take then one after the other view there explanation below. 

Surface web

These are websites with URL or link which we most make visit on, On our daily bases i.e Google indexedwebs. 
They are web which we make search on mostly from Google,(Google crawl on then to bring out result on our research)we are families to them. example of these web include web mostly search from search engines e.g Google, yahoo Bing etc and even Google too it part of a surface web. 

Deep web

These are web, in summary they are opposite to surface web ,that is Google dont gain access in making any indexed on Them (Google can't or don't crawl them) you gain access to it through the URL getting from the administrator or developer of the web, mostly these URL are likely web containing some database of some organization which can't be or not allowed to be access online. It strictly gain access to by getting the URL or the web address ,you can't search them on any search engine and it will bring result regarding to the web out for you not possible. 

Dark web

These web which is also called dark net in most cases it the subset of the deep web that why you see most people categorized these two types of web together which is not. 
Dark web has the name implies is a site that contain some criminal stuff like most of the administrators are know to be Blackhat Hacker, These web are use by mostly drug dealers to sell drugs and more of some criminal content are found in there, that why it not access directly from our well known browsers, one to have make some settings and follow some procedures on the device before  been accessible. Mostly people gain access to it with there known used browser Called Tor browser. These web are use to make or deal with some secret deals advertising of criminal stuff online, most things or hidden secret service you can find on the web includes:
  • Drugs
  • Fraud
  • Gambling
  • Chatting
  • Hacking
  • Hosting
  • Search
  • Anonymity
  • Whistle blower  

Most dark websites are not directly accessible via the normal search made through a search engine like google and yahoo; they are effectively hide themselves. They are accessible only if their addresses of those sites are known to the user.These web are strictly security which it is very hard to get details of the hoster or details of the administrator. Likewise it not advisable to access any site with .onion host cause you will see most URL of a darkweb in form of domain ending with .onin ,why is not advisable was that they are not secure web it's filled up with Black hat hackers which always online on the site to use the web to gain access into your device and make or gain necessary information which might be of useful to them. 

We end our discussion Here to know more on dark web or to know how you can access to the web without being engage in any harm you should stay tune to our post for we soon make post on how you access the web your self with your device Thanks. 

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