How To Activate MTN 1.2GB For N500 Valid For 7 Days Alitech

How To Activate MTN 1.2GB For N500 Valid For 7 Days Alitech

Alitech mtn 1Gb for N500

 Good day to you all @Alitech followers. 
If you are a follower and true believer of this blog, you can attest to the fact that we have been dropping cheap browsing alternatives back to back. But that still doesn't mean we wouldn't be working on bringing new free browsing cheats Alitech. 

How To Activate MTN 1.2GB For N500

Today, I bring to you another cheap MTN browsing alternative that offers you 1.2GB for N500 which is valid for 7 days. Seriously, it seems we are in the season of cheap browsing tricks, as we have posted Glo 1.2GB for N200 and Airtel download bundle of 1GB for N350.

MTN didn't make a formal announcement of this plan, but some subscribers have started seeing this offer popping up when they view their last call summary. I was expecting to see something cheaper than Glo and Airtel but MTN won’t go below their standard.

We all know MTN is a giant when it comes to network coverage and speed. This offer can be simAlso cliective. And the data can be used on all apps, any device and even on PC. So, let's give this a try. Let being 

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Mtn 1.2gb data for 500

How Do I  Activate the  MTN 1.2GB For N500?

1.Recharge your MTN line with N500
2.Dial *131*103#
You’ll be given 1.2GB data 
Data is valid for just 7 days
3.Dial *559*4# to check your bonus balance.

That's all. Don't forget to leave a comment below if you were eligible. Please share this post using the Share buttons below.
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Mtn free Facebook Data by

​Free Facebook lovers, You can now use Facebook for free on MTN network, which is capped at 20MB daily, just like Airtel and 9mobile.


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How to Flash Any Number Without Having Any Airtime On Your Airtel Sim

Airtel Flashing Tweak

- How to Flash Any Number Without Having Any Airtime On Your Airtel Sim

Airtel flash

Alitech  is here again we another amazing tweak for his humble follows these tweak really work 100% tested, for although we do test every tweak post here before it's been published to public. 
So not talk much let go straight to what might have brought us here. 


 1.You just have to Copy out the number you want to call. 

2.On your dial-pad, Paste or type the number there. 

3.Add "**" at the beginning of the number. (Eg) **07066670798

4.Call the number, it will disconnect at your own end and It will ring once at the receivers end. 

5.That's All, You have flashed the number without having any credit on your phone. 

Note:You can repeat it to keep flashing the person. You can also use the above steps to flash another network number from your Airtel line. 

This trick currently works with Airtel only and it doesn't have limit. You can do it as many times as you like.

We are still working to make it unlimited calls 

Hope it work for you Alitech 
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Airtel 1Gb data for just #350 Naira

Airtel 1Gb data for just #350 Naira

Alitech airtel 1Gb for #350

Alitech is here again to sever you in a beneficial way.. Today our discussion lice on what you see above Airtel 1Gb data for #350, yea it sounds strange to you but it 100%  sure and working. 
Not to talk much let go straight to what might have bring us here nothing much then free browsing tips let go. 


1.An Airtel sim ( either old or new sim)  it work for both. 
2.A Mobile phone (Not compulsory A smart phone)  even Nokia torch light phone is ok. 
3.Your airtel sim must be  well registered (Activated) 
4.think that all

How can I get these Data? 

1.Load 350/400 Airtime on your airtel sim 
2.Go to your phone dialer or simply ready to dia below code. 

 3 .THERE is nothing much to do then by dialling *141*354# 
4.Lastly Check your data balance by dialing *140#.

That's All

Note:These Tip is not a tweak or cheat, it 
Normal subscription menu by Airtel ownership there self. 

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MTN Season Surprise package Is Back agian Get Your Surprise Package Right Away Hurry!!

MTN Season Surprise package Is Back agian Get Your Surprise Package Right Away Hurry!!
Alitech mtn surprise package @

Itz December last month of the year which full of so much offer and Surprises ,Now is MTN season of surprise which we like to share with you guys.

How Does This Offer Works?

The Surprise package is different for all MTN subscribers. For instance, what i get for my own MTN surprise package will be different from what you're gonna get as your own MTN surprise package. It all depends on your luck and the offer is not for all MTN subscribers. You just have to try your luck.

Some people had already gotten there 500mb which is valid for 7 days. Dial *559*4# to view your bonus data.

How I'm I Going to Get My Own Surprise Package?

Well, to see your surprise just dial *142# on your mtn line. Once you dial that code, you'll see your surprise package on the screen.

Your Surprise Package can be data + call credit, call credit only or data only.

NOTE: Not everybody is eligible For the offer.

If your package is not ready you will get massage like these
Alitech mtn surprise package @

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Wifi Hacking Tool-Wepattack – WLAN 802.11 WEP Key Hacking Tool

Wifi Hacking Tool-Wepattack – WLAN 802.11 WEP Key Hacking Tool

Here we are to again on another wifi hacking tools by alitech hope it work for you ,
Not to talk much let being
But before we processed check out:HOW TO BYPASS MTN FREE 50MB TO UNLIMITED DATA ⚡⚡⚡⚡
WepAttack is a WLAN open source Linux WEP key hacking tool for breaking 802.11 WEP keys using a wordlist based dictionary attack.
This tool is based on an active dictionary attack that tests millions of words to find the right key. Only one packet is required to start an attack.

Wepattack Alitech

What is a WEP Key?

Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) is a security algorithm for IEEE 802.11 wireless networks. Introduced as part of the original 802.11 standard ratified in 1997, its intention was to provide data confidentiality comparable to that of a traditional wired network.[1] WEP, recognizable by its key of 10 or 26 hexadecimal digits (40 or 104 bits), was at one time widely in use and was often the first security choice presented to users by router configuration tools.

It’s kinda old now, but you still find it used in situations where the equipment isn’t updated very often (old control systems, CCTV, old point of sale systems etc).

How to use  WepAttack WEP Key Hacking Tool

WepAttack needs a dumpfile for attacking networks. If the network data is captured by Kismet a dumpfile is generated automatically. This file is in format “Kismet-[date]-[no].dump“ and can be passed to WepAttack.

You can download WepAttack here:

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